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Are you looking to enrol your child at Mercy?

Below you will find all the information you will need to help you and your child transition from primary to secondary school life here at the College.


Dual Campus

Mercy Regional College has two campuses with your child starting at the O'Keeffe Junior Campus in Noorat. This campus is for all the Year 7 and 8 students.

The McAuley Senior Campus is located in Camperdown for our students from Years 9 through 12.



Mercy Regional College is a Catholic Secondary College and the current fee structures to attend the school are as follows :

Year 7

$2,700.00 per student

Year 8

$2,825.00 per student

Year 9

$2,925.00 per student

Year 10

$2,925.00 per student

Year 11

$3,060.00 per student

Year 12

$3,060.00 per student

Please note, there is an additional 'Maintenance & Building Levy' of $420.00 per family and discounts do apply for families with 3 or more students at the College.

eg. here is how the current Year 7 fee is broken down.

Tuition Fees


Student Levy


MacBook Resource Levy




All students at Mercy Regional College are to carry an Apple MacBook with them as part of their enrolment.

As a parent of an incoming Year 7 you don't have to fear - that doesn't mean you need to find the money to buy a brand new laptop up front.

Our MacBook program is setup so that a MacBook is provided for their first two years of your child's high school life. The 'MacBook Resource Levy' is included as part of the students fees at the start of the school year. This MacBook is treated as their own, to take to and from school, but is handed back at the end of Year 8.

Under the new program, when these students move to Year 9 and over to the Senior Campus - your child then gets to decide the best MacBook to suit their subject focus heading into Senior classes. You do have the option to purchase this MacBook outright up front or via continue to pay a 'Resource Levy'.

2018 MacBook Rollout key dates :

  • 2017, Term 4, Week 6 - Portal is 'Open' for 2018 Year 10 students to order their MacBooks
  • 2017, Term 4, Final Week - Collection for 2018 Year 10 student orders paid 'outright'
  • 2018, Term 1, First Week - Handout to 2018 Year 10 students orders paid via 'school fees'
  • 2018, Term 1, Week 3 - Handout to Year 7 students during the week of 'Year 7 Camp'.

Current Year 8 students

For students who are going into Year 9 in 2018, you will continue to keep your current 11" MacBook Air. You will be selecting your new MacBook at the end of 2018 for you to use for Years 10 through 12.

Further MacBook Information :



At Mercy Regional College, school uniform is compulsory and all students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal grooming and neatness.


Enrolment Forms

Please call Mrs. Sue Bohm on 03 5593 2011 for an Enrolment Form.


More Information


"Mercy Regional College is committed to holistic education; we are determined to ensure that each student flourishes academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically."

Dr.Darren Egberts - Principal

McAuley Senior Campus
Henderson Street, Camperdown, VIC 3260
p 0355 932011

O'Keeffe Junior Campus
McKinnons Bridge Rd, Noorat, VIC 3265
p 0355 925353

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