Introducing the Spirit of Mercy Awards

“You can’t be what you can’t see,” is a quote attributed to Marian Wright Edelman, a US activist for the rights of children. She believed that young people are less likely to be inspired for their future if they don’t have visible role models.

It is with quote in mind, and in celebration of our 50th year in 2023, that Mercy Regional College introduces the inaugural Spirit of Mercy Awards. ­­

We call on members of our College community to nominate former students of the College who exemplify Mercy Regional College values and will provide inspiring examples of achievement to current and future Mercy Regional College students.


Spirit of Mercy Award

Nominees must have received a substantial portion (4 years minimum) of their secondary education at Catholic Regional College or Mercy Regional College and meet a combination of the following criteria:

Excelled in their career or made a substantial contribution to their chosen field of endeavour;

  • Recognised by peers as leaders in their particular field or community and have a sustained record of achievement or service over a substantial number of years.
  • Demonstrated that a commitment to social justice and Mercy Regional College values is evident alongside success in a chosen field.
  • Contributed to the local, state, national or international community and/or the Mercy Regional College community or its predecessor.


Young Spirit of Mercy Award

Nominees must: have received a substantial portion (4 years minimum) of their secondary education at Mercy Regional College and:

  • Be under the age of 30; have demonstrated excellence or received recognition in their chosen field of endeavour or
  • Exemplified the best attributes of giving and community spirit and model strong social and Mercy values, which is inspiring to others.



Inspiring Alumni will be recognised at our Jubilee Celebration dinner on Saturday 25 November 2023. There will be a limit of five recipients of each award at the event across a diverse range of categories. Recipients will be acknowledged individually on stage at the event. Recipients will then be invited to make a short response.


Call for Nominations

Anyone can make a nomination for the Spirit of Mercy Award.

Nominations will be sought by Mercy Regional College from the College and local community via:

  • College social media platforms
  • Other College publications, such as the newsletter
  • Local media

Nominations will close 15 September 2023



  1. Nominations to be called.
  2. Nominations must be submitted on the prescribed electronic nomination form (see bottom of page). A receipt of the nomination will be acknowledged in writing.
  3. The College Leadership team in conjunction with a selected panel will review nominations against the specified selection criteria.
  4. Successful candidates will be contacted by the Principal and advised of preparations for the event.


Removal Clause

Inductees into the ‘Spirit of Mercy’ alumni will remain members of the ‘Spirit of Mercy’ alumni, unless they are removed because of conduct detrimental to the ideals, objectives and values of Mercy Regional College, and the ‘Spirit of Mercy’ alumni.


Nomination Forms:


Spirit of Mercy Award 2023 Nomination Form
Young Spirit of Mercy Award 2023 Nomination Form