Student Leaders

Students and teachers at Mercy Regional College work together to build a culture where student voice, agency and leadership are understood as interrelated factors that contribute to the notion of empowerment and sense of school pride.

The College fosters a certain level of autonomy and power for students in their learning environment. All students are provided with the opportunity and skills to listen to, understand and advocate for others. Students can choose to extend their leadership skills by applying for representative leadership positions which are available at several different levels within the College.

2022 Student Leaders

Year 12 Leaders

College Captains: Carly Newcombe and Jackson Gill
Deputy Captains: Lily Baker and Adam Henriksen
FIRE Carrier: Olivia Glossop
Faith, Spirituality & Social Justice Leaders: Maddison Higginson and Veni Ong
Arts Leader: Sarah Lane
Sports Leader: Josh McGlade
Frayne House Leaders: Rosie Pickles and Jaimie Castledine
Markey House Leaders: Susanna Ryan and Isaac McVilly
Ryan House Leaders: Ruby Conheady and Eliza Fleming
Tindley House Leaders: Chloe Vick and Gryff Dwyer

Junior Leaders

Junior Campus Captains: Molly Kavenagh and Jock Dean

Student Voice

Mercy Regional College has a well developed and widely recognised Student Voice program involving students from all year levels who are included in the decision making processes of the College. The program empowers our students to not only communicate ideas and opinions but influence change. Meetings and open forum discussions are conducted with students and the Deputy Principal throughout the school year to allow opinions and views to be shared and heard.

2022 College Captains at the Thanksgiving Mass
2022 Faith, Spirituality & Social Justice Leaders