Wellbeing Support

Mercy Regional College holds the wellbeing of all students as its primary responsibility.

Wellbeing at Mercy Regional College is overseen by the Assistant Principal – Students, Student Development Leader and the College Social Worker. The role of the Wellbeing Team is to provide:

  • Wellbeing and mental health support
  • Targeted programs/presentations to meet students’ needs
  • Advice about and referral to support services available in the community
  • Student Welfare Action Group (SWAG) 

Referrals to the College Social Worker are often made by staff and parents, and students are also welcome to self-refer. Frequently, contact is made with parents, and if there is a serious risk of harm, steps are always taken to ensure the student’s safety.

SWAG (Student Welfare Action Group)

SWAG identifies students who are experiencing wellbeing challenges and actions are put in place for relevant staff to assist the student. SWAG meetings are held fortnightly and include the Community Leader, College Social Worker and Assistant Principal – Students. 

If a student requires any kind of support, they are welcome to see their Homeroom teacher, Community Leader or College Social Worker. Click on the photos below for contact information.

MRC Wellbeing Team

Berni Sinnott
Deputy Principal - Staff & Students
Sharon Suhan
College Pastoral Worker
Matthew Irving
Student Development Leader