Staff Benefits

Mercy Regional College has a proud history of providing Catholic education to our regional community for almost 50 years. The College cultivates an inclusive and supportive culture for staff, young people and their families. It is a smaller school with big opportunities for growth.

Mercy Regional College creates an innovative and inclusive education environment where every voice is heard, valued and cared for. With the largest offering of VCE and VET subjects onsite, MRC opens a world of diverse pathways and opportunities. The College facilitates learning across two campuses – the McAuley Senior Campus in Camperdown for Years 9-12 and the O’Keeffe Junior Campus for Years 7 & 8 in Noorat. The unique stand-alone junior campus supports the important transition of its youngest students from primary to secondary school. 

In line with its Vision and Mission, the College welcomes innovative, creative, self-motivated staff who are willing to work collaboratively to foster student learning. 

Mercy Regional College promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all students and staff members.

At Mercy we care

The employees of Mercy Regional College enjoy access to a range of benefits including:

Values-driven culture

We prioritise our Mercy Core Values in every decision we make and every action we take. You’ll witness our values in everything we do.

Strong focus on professional learning and growth

To foster continuous learning among our employees, we provide support for accessing both internal and external professional learning opportunities. Employees are encouraged to build an online portfolio to document their growth. These learning opportunities ensure that professional knowledge and practice are central to both school improvement and personal development.

Salary packaging

The College provides employees with the option to allocate general living and entertainment expenses to their tax-free income, as well as access to novated leasing arrangements. These benefits help you maximise your financial resources!

Contemporary facilities

Our modern learning facilities coexist with buildings that honour our heritage and history. From the charming red brick Mercy Convent in Camperdown and the specialised Science, Arts and Technology learning spaces to the scenic, rural and  environmentally focused  O’Keeffe Campus in Noorat, there is beauty and a story in every corner. Explore it all through our Virtual Tour.

Workplace wellbeing and safety

We strive to cultivate a culture that prioritises safety, inclusion, well-being and health, encouraging all employees to actively engage in optimising their personal health and safety. Some of our current health, safety, and well-being initiatives include

  • Converge Employee Assistance Program
  • Access to free flu vaccinations
  • Various professional and personal development opportunities such as general First Aid Training

Community support

Mercy Regional College is dedicated to creating practical opportunities for positive change and impact in our local, national, and global communities. The College supports various groups within our extensive regional community and offers opportunities for all students and employees to engage in local outreach experiences.

As part of the Hampden Catholic Schools Network (HCSN), Mercy Regional College provides its employees with rich opportunities for professional development and networking. Learn more about the Hampden Catholic Schools Network


Support and Financial Incentives for Graduate Teachers

At Mercy Regional College we offer comprehensive support and financial incentives for Graduate teachers.
Financial incentive payments

If you’re an eligible graduate teacher starting in a graduate teacher position at Mercy Regional College in 2025, a payment of $5,650 (inc. GST) (equal to that offered by DET schools) could be available to you.

To be eligible to receive the incentive payment you’ll need to:

  •  have completed your course requirements and graduated in the last 2 years
  • hold a valid VIT registration at the time the position commences.

Incentive inclusions:

  • part-time positions will attract a pro-rata incentive amount equal to the time fraction advertised
  • teachers who accept these positions need to commit to at least 2 years in the position to retain the incentive.

As a graduate teacher you will:

  • receive a competitive starting salary of $78,801 and can access progression of up to $118,063 as a classroom teacher.
  • be provided with secure ongoing employment
  • be considered for flexible working arrangements upon request.
  • be connected with a state-wide network of peers from Catholic Secondary Schools with a dedicated Graduate Teacher Induction and Professional Learning program through the Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited (DOBCEL).
  • access to the DOBCEL Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing support with work, life and personal health issues.
  • have the opportunity to build professional relationships with your colleagues and have ongoing professional development.
  • work for an employer that prioritises diversity, inclusion, professionalism and care.
  • be employed by DOBCEL with leave entitlements that will move with you from one Victorian Catholic school to another.
  • employment at Mercy Regional College provides early access to teaching VCE and leadership development and coaching.
  • receive the benefit of improved working conditions as included in the CEMEA2022.
Learn more about the Hampden Catholic Schools Network (HCSN)

Corangamite Shire – Camperdown and Noorat: Great places to Live and Work

Camperdown and Noorat are situated at the heart of South West Victoria and are a perfect place to achieve a work/life balance. 

Camperdown’s central location in the region makes it well-connected by road and rail to Colac (35 minutes), Warrnambool (40 minutes), Geelong (100 minutes) and Melbourne (150 minutes); and by road to Ballarat (90 minutes) plus the smaller towns of Timboon (30 minutes), Port Campbell
(40 minutes), Terang (15 minutes), and Cobden (12 minutes). 

Noorat – the home of MRC’s junior campus – is located only 20 km away from Camperdown and 6 km away from Terang.

Camperdown and the local picturesque towns provide a perfect setting for outdoor activities, travel and family fun. Living in Corangamite Shire brings with it community connection, bountiful cultural and sporting opportunities, access to a growing arts community and exceptional health care including hospitals. It is a hidden gem of Victoria!