Behaviour Support

At Mercy Regional College, students experience an authentic sense of belonging, connection, inclusion and significance. They are taught to act in the interests of other people and be supportive members of the community.

Mercy Merits Commendations 

The Mercy Merits commendation program is used to complement positive behaviours and to encourage and acknowledge students who strive for personal growth. Personal growth at the College is demonstrated through a positive attitude of students towards learning, peers, teachers, and the Mercy community. Mercy Merits encourages student involvement in various aspects of the College and the wider community.

Students can achieve commendations in the following categories, reflecting the College core values:

  • Learning Growth 
  • Acts of Mercy 
  • Leadership & Positive Role Modelling 
  • The Arts & Cultural Involvement
  • Sporting Involvement 

Bronze, Silver and Gold merit certificates are awarded to students as they accumulate commendations. Mercy Merits contribute to the House Award, McLeod Shield presented at the end of the year.

Restorative Practice

Restorative practice is the basis of student behavioural management at Mercy Regional College as it is designed to support and facilitate the building of healthy relationships. It has been shown that when individuals live in healthy and life-giving relationships with significant others, there is abundant personal growth, capacity for character building and a high level of achievement in all areas of endeavour. Restorative practice builds capacity to enable students to self-regulate behaviour and contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes.

Central to the Restorative Practice processes are the restorative meetings held with all students involved in an incident and a teacher. Time to reflect on behaviour, hear about the impact of behaviour on others and an opportunity to make an appropriate apology creates a framework for restoring positive behaviour and relationships.

Behavioural Tracking

There are certain behaviours that are displayed from time to time by students that impact the relationships and learning environment of others. These behaviours are tracked through SIMON and parents can see the progress of this tracking on PAM. Restorative discussions will occur when there is an accumulation of tracking points at a lunchtime behaviour reflection, an after school detention or suspension. 

These measures give students time to reflect on their behaviour, its impact on themselves and others and what they can do to make things right. Parents will be informed if a student has accumulated points and requires a lunchtime reflection or detention. Points are reverted back to zero at the start of each term.