Inclusion & Diversity

The Inclusion and Diversity team at Mercy Regional College aims to support and empower students by creating a respectful and inclusive learning environment. The team promotes learning independence and caters to the diversity of students’ learning needs and abilities.

The Inclusion and Diversity team oversees the delivery of learning programs for identified gifted and talented students; students with diverse learning needs; students with English as an Additional Language/Dialect; New Arrivals and Refugees; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) and Out of Home Care students.

The Inclusion and Diversity team works closely with the College Wellbeing team as well as external professionals and services. By fostering successful partnerships with families, they establish supportive networks for our students. The Inclusion and Diversity team meets regularly with families through the Program Support Group to share strategies and learning plans tailored to the individual needs of students. Adjustments introduced by the Program Support Group enable each student to enhance their academic potential and to work independently towards targeted learning goals.

The Inclusion and Diversity team supports teachers to differentiate and personalise learning to allow all students to engage in the curriculum. The team assists teachers in developing initiatives for the implementation of targeted learning programs.