Leadership Team

The Leadership Team at Mercy Regional College consists of experienced dynamic professionals who are committed to creating an outstanding educational environment for everyone in our community – students, staff and parents.

Executive Team

Sharon Gillett
Berni Sinnott
Deputy Principal - Staff & Students
Natalie Stephenson
Deputy Principal - Learning, Teaching & Innovation
Judith Murfitt
Business Manager

Leadership Team

Emily Stephens
O’Keeffe Community Leader
Kellie Wilson
Catholic Identity, Mission & Ethos Leader
Matthew Irving
Student Development Leader

Other Positions of Leadership and Responsibility

Tim Woodmason
Assistant O’Keeffe Community Leader
Daniel Glennen
Middle Years Leader
Nickeeta Roache
Assistant Middle Years Leader
Lydia Darcy
Year 7 -10 Learning Leader
Jeremy Baker
Senior Years Coordinator
Luke Bourchier
Assistant Senior Years Coordinator
Danae Fraser
Senior Pathways Leader
Kym Penry
Careers Leader
Matthew Irving
Student Leadership and Agency Coordinator
Darren Cheeseman
Sport Coordinator
Claire Virgona
VCE-VM Coordinator
Melanie Bourchier
Domain Leader – Religious Education
Lydia Darcy
Domain Leader - English
Leanne Delahunty
Domain Leader - Mathematics / Domain Leader - Science
Luke Bourchier
Domain Leader - Humanities
Tom Kelly
Domain Leader – Health and Physical Education
Jeremy Baker
Domain Leader - Technology
Claire Virgona
Domain Leader - Arts / Domain Leader - STEAM