Concerns, Grievances and Complaints Form

Concerns, Grievances and Complaints

These procedures would usually be followed by a parent/ care giver when parents/care givers of students of a DOBCEL school community wish to raise a concern, complaint or grievance. In the spirit of partnership and in acknowledging the Catholic Social Principle of subsidiarity and where appropriate concerns, complaints and grievances should initially be addressed by the school. When grievances about an apparent breach of policy or matter of compliance with the minimum standards for school registration cannot be resolved at the school, the CEOB will seek to assist in resolving the issue using procedures and processes that are fair, consistent and safeguard the dignity of all parties. Please provide full names (if possible) when providing details.
By submitting this form, I confirm that:
The information provided in this form and its attachments is true, accurately reflecting the facts and including all pertinent details related to my grievance. I am aware that providing inaccurate, dishonest, or irrelevant information may constitute an offense. I acknowledge that the investigation of my grievance may necessitate further information, answering questions, and being available for meetings. I understand that the investigation of my grievance may be halted if I fail to treat others with courtesy and respect, engage in behaviour endangering health or safety, significantly impact the school's resources, or if I do not cooperate with the grievance review process by providing necessary information.