About Alumni

The MRC Alumni Association allows former students of Catholic Regional College and Mercy Regional College to come together, celebrate our rich history and shape the future.

The MRC Alumni Association aims to help our past students continue their relationship with the College and to remain in contact with their former classmates. We cherish the memories and friendships that our students make during their time at the College, and strive to maintain the fellowship between past students, teachers and staff. Through a network of professional and social contacts, our alumni always remain part of the caring and supportive Mercy family.

Who are Alumni?

The word ‘alumni’ means past students. If you attended Catholic Regional College or Mercy Regional College for any part of your education, you belong to MRC alumni.

There is no requirement for a minimum number of years to attend the school or complete Year 12, to be considered MRC alumni. You belong to alumni if you were a student of the school at any point of your life.

A single female student is referred to as ‘alumna’, a single male student is an ‘alumnus’, whereas an ‘alum’ is the gender-neutral term.

What is Class Year?

The class year determines each year level of students. For example, the Class of 1995 or Class of 2025.

The class year is based on the year that the year level graduated from secondary school. If a student leaves school before Year 12, their class year is still determined by the year their classmates finish Year 12. This rule applies to any last year of school, which might have been called HSC or Matriculation year, depending on the era.

For example, if you left school in Year 10 in 1993 to do an apprenticeship, you would belong to the Class of 1995. This is because most of your classmates finished school in 1995 and you are part of the same group. In the same way, students starting Year 7 in 2022 belong to the Class of 2027 as this is the year when their year level will finish Year 12.

Students who repeated a year of their schooling belong to more than one class year.

Keep in Touch

We encourage all our past students to update their details on the Alumni database by clicking on the link below. As part of the College Alumni Association, our past students stay connected with the College community and keep up-to-date with Alumni events and reunions.


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Alumni News

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